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How wooden bamboo sunglasses are made

Posted by Tracy Wade on

Ever wondered how a humble tree is turned into a pair of wooden sunglasses? It requires more human input than you would think.  So when a label says handmade sunglasses, they really mean it!

First the correct type of bamboo is sourced.  Bamboo takes between three and fives years to mature.

Bamboo is useful for various applications at different ages :

  • <30 days - good for eating
  • 6-9 months - for making baskets
  • 2-3 years - floor boards or laminations
  • 3-6 years - for construction
  • >6 years - bamboo gradually loses strength up to 12 years old

Wooden sunglasses are usually made from bamboo that is 3 or 4 years or older.

The bamboo trunks are sliced into sections of approximately 15 - 20cm.  Those sections are then cut into strips wide enough for the sunglasses frames to be cut out of.

The strip of wood is then placed under a machine which cuts out the programmed sunglasses frame shape.

The rough wooden sunglasses frame is then sanded down by hand to achieve a nice smooth splinter free finish.

The same process is applied to the arms of the sunglasses.

Holes are then drilled into the wooden sunglasses arms and frame to attach the hinge.

The wooden sunglasses are then polished to achieve a nicely finished smooth product.

Rectangle strips of of lens material is machine cut to the desired shape and size. The cut out lenses are then manually inserted into the wooden frames.  The protective sheet over each lens is then removed.

The wooden sunglasses then receive a final hand polish and clean before being placed into protective plastic sheets for transport.

Why bamboo or wooden sunglasses?

Besides being environmentally friendly wooden sunglasses have many other benefits:

  • Most wood frame sunglasses are exceptionally lightweight and comfortable to wear.  
  • One of my favourite pros of wooden sunglasses is the fact that many of them float!
  • Wooden sunglasses are great for people with allergies