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Vintage Rattan Handbag with Wooden Handles

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This quality handcrafted vintage rattan handbag with wooden handles, from our beautiful rattan bag collection, comes in four fabulous colours; beige, brown, blue and red.

Handmade with care, these beautifully designed rattan handbags boast the finest traditional craftwork in every detail.

  • Handwoven with quality rattan straw, to give a unique stylish look to each handbag.
  • Gorgeous wooden handles to slip onto your arm or hold comfortably in your hand.
  • Double fabric lining inside for storing your essentials (phone, keys etc.) with zipper closure.

Bag size:

  • 40 x 26cm

Fashionably versatile handbag that you can wear with any outfit – floral dresses, shorts, jeans, beachwear etc.

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Note: We recommend spot cleaning with a soft cloth, rubbing gently in the direction of the straw weave. 

Rattan is a naturally sustainable, climbing plant, which grows abundantly in tropical regions. Most of the planets rattan is sourced from the Indonesian Rainforests. This amazing wild growing plant is what is used to make these rattan handbags. Rattan is strong, durable and lightweight. 

There are only positives for using rattan as a resource for creating products and the options are seemingly endless of what can be done with rattan to help sustain the environment. 

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